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Fermentor|bioreactor(500L )

Fermentors|bioreactors(500L )

Fermentors|bioreactors(500L ) Model: BLBIO-500SJA-UIP

Fermentors|bioreactors(500L ) Model: BLBIO-500SJA

Fermentors|bioreactors(500L ) Model: BLBIO-50SJA-500SJA-UIP

Fermentors|bioreactors(50L 500L ) Model:BLBIO-300SJA-500SJA-500SJA

Fermentor|bioreactor(500Liters ,Mechanical sealing system at the bootom of the fermenter;Double mechanical Seal) Model: BLBIO -500SBA

Total volume:500 liters

Working volume: 150L -400 liters
Material: 316L
stainless steel with material contact to the other 304 stainless steel

Sterilization method:
 Manual situ sterilization(SIP  options)
system: Siemens PLC, industrial LCD touch computer control, parameters can be set to store, can be remotely connected to the computer through the USB interface, the data

Working volume 250 to 400 liters and The main material of the fermenter is made by 316Lstainless steel. The design pressure: P(inside)= 0.3Mpa, P(interlayer)= 0.3Mpa, The polishing precision: Ra0.4~0.6, the ratio between diameter and height: 1:2.6

Stirring system
Mechanical sealing system at the top of the fermenter; high-powered stirring oar, antifoam oar; AC electrical machine: infinite speed variation; rpm in the fermenter: 70~500rpm±1%,The height of the stirring oar can be adjusted, too.

Temperature detection and control
Heat by thermostatic water tank and circulate by circulating pump(Grundfos, Denmark), autocontrol (cooling water+5℃)~65℃±0.1℃,temperature probe(US)

pH detection and control
2.00-12.00±0.05pH, autocontrol by adding acid and base, pH sensor (Mettler, Switzerland) and shielding lead (Mettler, Switzerland). fermenter is autocontrolled with peristaltic pump

DO detection and control
0-150±3% displaying precision 0.1%, sensor (Mettler, Switzerland) and shielding lead(Mettler, Switzerland)

Feed control
fermenter uses peristaltic pump (Longer) to add meterials

Antifoam control
Tested by sencor and added antifoamer by peristaltic pump

Intake control (air): manual control rotameter

pressure detection and control
Pressure Control: Pressure meter and digital display and digital remote control, pressure control

we are compliant fermentation equipment for research, development, pilot and production applications. Our Factory in China. We provide the fermentor products including : Stainless steel  fermenter, Pilot combo stainless steel fermentor, glass fermentor,  fermenter, Multi-Union fermenter,Multi-stage fermentation tank,and shaking Incubators ,  Positive join stainless steel fermentor.


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